A Pannon bennszülött tartós szegfű védelme


The main goal of this project is to stabilize the 85% of the presently known stands of the Dianthus diutinus and prevent/counteract the continuous decrease of the population by habitat diminuation and isolation of the populations with proper actions.

Since its habitats have been fragmented in the past 50 years mainly because of forestry activity, the goal of the project is to create such a habitat network with the help of the enlargement and unification of the present habitats, which won’t be influenced by forestry activity at all or only at a minimal level on the three most important habitats of the Dianthus diutinus.

Securing a potential unbroken habitat’s peace, connecting and strengthen the fragmented sub-populations and informing the public about the importance of Dianthus diutinus and it’s habitats, the chances of survival of this species in the long run would definitely increase.

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