A Pannon bennszülött tartós szegfű védelme

Nature trail

Long-lasting pink Nature Trail

The construction of the nature trail started in October 2009 and in spite of severe winter weather conditions had been finished in time. The almost one kilometre long nature trail consist a total of 530 meters long board-walk that had been established in two parts and a 350 meter long foot-path in between them leading through the pine forest and over the former fire strip. A watch-tower and a view point have been constructed at the end of the board-walk sections. The first section of planks cuts through the sand hill of the watchtower thus creating a semi-underground corridor with a height of 2,5 metres. The possibility to visit the site in such an organised way will reduce the chance of direct and unwanted trampling and demolition. Visitors get acquainted with the endemic plant, its habitat, as well as the conservation efforts of the LIFE program to preserve the plant and its natural habitat for the future. The importance of the Natura 2000 network is also presented.

Guided tours are available at the Tourinform Office of Kiskunmajsa, (Zárda u. 2.); phone: (77) 481-327.

Map of the study trail.

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